What We Do

We grow watermelons that kids love and families enjoy!

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We Grow Watermelons That Kids Love!

We are dedicated to the distribution of the finest watermelons in America.  All our watermelons are inspected prior to shipping for quality, appearance, maturity, and most importantly flavor. That way, you, as a customer, won’t have any surprises. 

Kid’s Choice Watermelons is the promotional brand of Kid’s Choice Fresh Produce, Inc., a Florida based corporation, that specializes in watermelon distribution. We are a growing company that has found a need for superior quality and expediated delivery service. Our melons go from the farm to your stores in 5 days. That enables you to have the freshest watermelons available. So, if quality and freshness are a priority to your watermelon program,  contact us.

Our Family

It’s a family environment at Kid’s Choice Produce and we are blessed to work with farmers, crews and distributors with the same values as our own. 

We grow watermelons that kids love. It’s what we do!

Kid's Choice Watermelon Farm Family
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Our Farmers and and Harvest Crews

Our harvesters and farmers have been working with us for over 30 years. They are the reason we can bring the sweetest watermelons to market so you and your family can enjoy.

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The Watermelons Kids Ask For by Name!

Kid’s LOVE Kid’s Choice Watermelons and our big yellow boxes really catch their eyes. Healthy, Non GMO they are delicious, tasty and easy to find.

Where To Buy

Aldi, Costco, Pete’s Market, Jewel Food, Fresh Farms, Lewis, Woodman’s, Coburns, Cash Wise, Hornbacher’s, Shop and Save, ShopRite, Good Country Fruit and Hy-vee, Anthony Marano Company, TMK Produce, Ben B. Schwartz & Sons and Sanson Produce  .

Looking to buy Kid’s Choice Watermelons in your area? We sell throughout the United States in the Midwest and Eastern half of the country.  Enjoy Kid’s Choice Watermelons,  fresh from the field to the store in less than 5 days.

Don’t see us? Ask for us by name!

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Family Owned and Operated for Over 35 Years!