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Americas Favorite Watermelon…

Kid’s Choice Watermelons is the promotional brand of Kid’s Choice Fresh Produce, Inc., a Florida based corporation, that specializes in watermelon distribution. Our watermelons go from the farm to your stores in 5 days or less and on average just 3.5 days. That enables you to have the freshest watermelon available. 

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What We Do

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Our Farmers

We farm early every year in Florida to meet the demand for summer melons. We then farm in Georgia, Michigan and Arkansas.

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Kid's Choice Marketing

Kid's Choice Watermelons can sell your watermelons too! Are you a watermelon grower looking for distribution? Contact us today.

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Product Development

Selective breeding is a long process. Every season, we assist seed developers and plant new trails of watermelon varieties. Always looking for the best!

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If you are a retailer looking to improve your produce department try Kid’s Choice. Our high impact graphic yellow bins and superior watermelons increase sales and make customers happy!

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We are committed to our community and are members of the Florida Watermelon and National Watermelon Associations. We produce healthy, Non GMO Watermelons your kids will love!

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For the Kids

Welcome to Kid's Choice Watermelons. We believe that nothing is more important than giving a child the best watermelons available.

Fresh From the Farm

From the fields to your local grocery story, our melons arrive in less than 5 days and usually just 3.5 days.


Distribution, Shipping and our Team


Why People Choose Us

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